Ridgely’s Services

Either in English or Spanish, Ridgely offers a series of presentations and seminars, from short keynotes to full-day programs. Each one is custom designed according to the client’s needs. The more popular offerings include:

Shorter Presentations (generally 1 to 2 hours):

Yes, You Can! Find the secret keys that unleash your inner potential, those that will help you find your most hidden talents that will take you straight to the pinnacle of success—with the certainty that Yes, You Can!

How to Swim With Sharks and Win! Learn the Four Keys to overcome mental sharks, how to build your business at full speed and win over yourself in all aspects of life.

A Little Bit More! The only difference between “ordinary” and “extraordinary” is the “extra”. Discover how doing always A Little Bit More! will help you make your biggest dreams come true.

Earn, Save and Accumulate! Learn the secret wisdom of the super-rich, how the flow of money works and more importantly, how you, too, can use these secrets to build your own fortune.

Keep Running! The wealthy and successful understand that hard work, discipline and perseverance are the indispensable qualities of a winner. Through a highly animated presentation, Ridgely teaches and motivates us to never quit, to pay the price for success and to persevere until we cross the finish line.

Half and Full Day Seminars:

The Magic of Colors. This seminar, along with the accompanying workbook, is designed to teach all participants how to identify and motivate the four personality types that exist in the world, based on the following four colors: the yellows, the blues, the greens and the reds. The Magic of Colors is a communication system that will help you influence others and make them joyfully do exactly what you want them to do! Fun and highly entertaining!

The Art of Presentation. In a highly interactive seminar, the participants learn effective techniques to give powerful presentations. Each technique is practiced in small groups where the group members help each other with constructive suggestions through a series of exercises. Time flies through this one!

Planning and Goal Setting. Perhaps the greatest obstacle to success in life and business is a lack of an effective plan. Along with an accompanying workbook, all participants learn the importance of developing goals and plans. In addition, each participant will begin the process of building their own action plan, including short term goals, a long term vision and a daily plan of action to implement in their lives immediately.

Dream and Follow Your Dreams. This seminar helps participants wake up and rekindle our most intimate and forgotten dreams. We re-discover them, write them down and use exercises and guided visualizations to etch them in our hearts.

Ridgely’s seminars generally include exercises in leadership, communication, prosperity principles and others, such as:

• Entangled.

• Hooked Up.

• Eyes and Ears.

• The Limbo.

• The Art of the Dance.

• The Art of Receiving.

• The Art of Complimenting.

• Telephone.

• Draw and Listen.

• Copy and Listen and many others…

For information about Ridgely and his services, and how we can design the perfect program for your group, please send us an email at Info@AViewfromtheRidge.com.