The Smile Bearers!

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The one they called Longboy perched his hat to the side, smirked, pursed his lips as if to blow a brass trombone, shrugged his shoulders in one short, sharp burst of boredom and spout out:
“Time for a bit of mischief. Yes, indeed—time.”
Pirouette adjusted her chartreuse dress of soft chiffon.
“Shall we take on ride on old man Jenkins’ tubby tabby?” she asked, one eyebrow cocked skyward. “Always good for a giggle.”

“I put that to ponder,” replied Longboy. “Or a slide down the tail of that furry wolfhound’s tail—the black one that escapes into the neighborhood and terrorizes the locals, or a ride on Mrs. Timms’ new, mate-less lovebird that spends his days in sad lament, or a race against little Sally’s motley hamster in his wheel—always good for a tumble and roll.”  Longboy paused. “ Naw—not the animals that need us.”
Pirouette grinned a knowing grin. “`Tis the season.”
“Too much eggnog and the humans forget to smile—even though merriment hangs in the air.” Longboy furrowed his bushy brow.
“Too many cookies baked from obligation,” Pirouette added.
“Too many gatherings tainted by guilt.”
“Too many gifts without sentiment.”
“Too many hugs that bear the burden of brevity—here today, oddly absent in the new year.”
“Too many traditions lost in a whirlpool of repetition without honoring.”
“Too many excuses for forgiveness without remorse—a quick peck on the cheek that marks yet another unbroken pattern.”
“Ay,” Pirouette sighed. “`Tis the season.”

“Our sworn duty to stir up the pot.” Longboy pushed his nose up with his index finger `til his flared nostrils looked like a baby pig sniffing at slop.
“Who first and how?” queried Pirouette. “Usual suspects?”
“No need to stray so far with so much to do so close,” declared Longboy.
“Ay,” Pirouette acknowledged. “No need to clean another’s yard when ours sits covered in leaves of sadness and forked branches.”
“Time for dustings of delight in morning cocoa.”
“Sprinklings of splendor in the spuds.”
“Mounds of marvel in the meatballs.”
“Wonder in the wells.”
“Magic in the mincemeat.”
“Charm in the cherries.”
“Trickery treats.”
“Smiling salts.”
“Tall tales.”
“Ay, and all of it speckled with laughter and lightness.”

The two elves strapped on their fairy packs and set out for a long day of joy boosting.
“Do you think they’ll get it this year?” Pirouette voiced the unspoken.
“Proof in the Christmas pudding,” Longboy chuckled.
“Beauty born in the beholder.”
“Contagious kindness.”
“Mirrored mirth.”
“An open ear, a twinkle in the glance, a flowing heart,” Longboy added. “All we can do.”
“Indeed,” Pirouette mused. “`Tis the season.”

That’s A View from the Ridge,

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