Take Your Time…

Posted by admin - 10/08/14 at 12:08 pm

I watched a young man in a gray suit fidget impatiently on the Hertz Rental Car bus that waited to return us to Miami International Airport.
He turned to his corporately clad partner.
“What is taking so long?” he snapped.
“How should I know?”  snarled suit number two.  “Why don’t you go ask?”

The man bounded out of his seat and stalked the driver.  He threw his hands into the air, turned away and stormed back.
“Some idiot loaded his luggage on and then went to sort out some problem at the front desk,” he spewed.

I felt grateful that the mother and her two children that occupied the back seat appeared not to understand English.
They might not have appreciated having their father called an “idiot.”
Within a minute or so, Dad bounded onto the bus and off we went.

An hour later, as I strolled down the jet way to board a plane, I observed another man stooped over his portable suitcase.  He glanced up, saw me and a second traveler approaching, flipped the top of his bag closed and jumped up quickly enough to step in front of us and walk through the archway into business class.
Why the hurry?
Did he think the plane would leave without him?
Did he feel victorious for “beating us” to his seat?

I remember suffering from perpetual tardiness, a condition brought on by my personal obsession with “just one more thing.”
That “one more thing” made me late, caused me stress and negatively affected my relationships.  I traced this condition to an insecurity, an inner lack of self-worth that gave me a “less-than” image if I didn’t accomplish more.

I failed to appreciate that my lack of punctuality and respect for others’ time eroded trust and confidence, hurt me far more than the extra 20 or 30 semi-productive minutes that I stuffed into the end of my day.

Plus, it brought my shoulders up around my ears, a deep wrinkle between my eyes and regular bouts of indigestion.
Not even worth it.

Only when I stopped running, took an honest look at the results this rush-rush attitude created, could I finally decide:
“Wow, this truly doesn’t serve me.  I generate undue angst, upset my family and friends and invite premature gray hair.  Give it up.  Let it go.”

What about you?
Where do you add unnecessary stress?
What would an alarm set 20 minutes earlier do to improve your morning?
How about music on your way to work, your favorite artists, those you enjoy enough to leave the house ten minutes ahead of schedule?
Would your mood shift significantly if you gave yourself a half hour for coffee and the paper?
What might you do to take some time back?

I finally understand that most of my challenges will wait patiently until tomorrow, few unreturned phone calls rock my world within 24 hours and if I don’t answer my email six times a day, I probably won’t cause any major revolts.
So I don’t.
And it’s fine.

Treat yourself to a gift.
Start a little earlier and notice how you feel.
Time passed will never be recovered.

We may as well enjoy the moments we have.

That’s A View From The Ridge…

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