Souls on the Beach…

Posted by admin - 26/06/13 at 04:06 pm

They walk by the shoreline, some hand in hand, some not.
They stop, pick up shells, examine the strange formations of the sand.
Mostly, they say hello.
Sometimes, they don’t.

Souls on the beach.
I find beachcombers so curious.
What goes through their minds as they skirt the soothing surf?

Do they think of back home?
Do they remember joyous times, raucous times, wild, woolly and wonderful times?
Do they ponder the meaning of life?

Some stop and sit—in all sorts of places.
I distinguish the “feet in the water” types, the “top of the sand before the water line” group, the “gotta’ be a little further back so that I can relax” crowd and those that find a more isolated space, away from the rest.
Hidden behind hats and sunglasses, they watch the traffic, nod occasionally or bury their noses in books.

I spend much time on the beach, dreaming, wandering, searching for inspiration.
I can’t help observe the human symphony, a cacophony of emotions that swirl and yet get lost in the pounding of the waves, evaporating into the hot air.
Maybe that’s why we love the place so much—a space to feel and process, to still our raging minds.
All we have to do is get our toes wet.

Compassion wells up for the grumpsters, that downtrodden group that marches like soldiers, eyes forward, never smiling, never acknowledging, deep in angst, faraway.
What terrorizes them this day?
What horror lurks wherever their thoughts take them?
Perhaps they challenge a sorrow, wrestle with a great loss, build an inner determination to go back and try again.

The regulars share an odd kinship, a camaraderie based on common ground, common sun, common waves.
I speak with the fishermen that squat on their buckets and stare at the filaments that drift beyond the break.
We talk of weather, riptides, whether the fish bite and if not, why they don’t.
I know nothing about fishing.
It doesn’t matter, no more than a simple exchange of words that weave a fabric that supports us.

I pause to greet children, big round eyes full of wonder, friendly, happy, covered with sand.
I complement their creations and draw wide smiles.
They have simple agendas.

White haired amblers bring gentility and softness.
In the latter stages of their journey they seem to know more than the rest, to have found a measure of peace that so many of us still seek.
I enjoy their hellos.

Me, I listen for the magic, the blend of seagulls, laughter, crashing walls of water and cheap radios.
Sometimes it eludes me, runs away, hides behind my own machinations, my personal agenda, my history and all its governing patterns.

Now and then, I sense it.
Delicately, with awe and admiration, I draw it into my fingers, bring it home and quietly ask it to show up again.
I bow my head in reverence—to all the souls on the beach.

That’s A View From The Ridge…

3 Responses to “Souls on the Beach…”

  1. Diane Goode says:
    June 26th, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Thank you so much for this writing. Your thoughts are felt and shared by so
    many, especially ME! This is truly a beautiful piece!

  2. Diane Lam says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Just returning to work after a week at the beach…it was a joy to read this and to reflect on my own soul. Remembering the beach and all that it brought to myself and my family, I smile.

  3. robert rossi says:
    January 29th, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Written with feeling, every piece I peruse with great anticipation, and interest. Keep them coming.

    God bless
    Robert Rossi

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