Rain again, Pain again…

Posted by admin - 25/04/13 at 12:04 pm

The  Pitter patter, pitter patter, tap, tap, tap.
The rain peppers my roof in an incessant drone, the long-winded preacher with no flair, on and on, the points lost four breaths past.
Wet, muddy yards.
Slippery sidewalks.
Treacherous roads and bad drivers.

Call me shallow boy.
I yearn for sun, alas.

Day two.
Ho hum, dole dee drum, more of the same.
The tireless woodpecker peck-pecks her message on our ceiling.
Oh, no, I’m sorry—it’s the rain, fat clouds that have yet to go on a diet, doling out a trifling sprinkle, enough to keep us burrowed and restless without reprieve.
Why doesn’t it just dump and get it over with?
Spoiled me.

I imagine the city streets—women and men scurrying along like wet rats, smiles hidden by umbrellas, eyes focused on the ground to avoid puddles and nasty, slimy piles of who-knows-what that seem to magically appear when mother nature seasons urban waste.
No connecting, no sly winks, no fluttering eyebrows or quick grins, no fantasies born, no skips of the heart—only hands clutched to collars to keep out that fat, stray drop that invariably lands on Adam’s apple and sneaks its way down our neck and below.
Horns honk, some cuss, most barely notice, more preoccupied with the dampness seeping into their socks and their want to shed those nasty shoes in favor of a warm, toasty slipper.

Not me.
I don’t want any hot chocolate.
I don’t want to stoke the fire and watch the log flames turn colors.
Give me the great outdoors, please, the dry version.

No such luck.
Day three.
The gray hangs over us still, a wet blanket of disappointment, children’s faces plastered to living room windows, blank stares at nothing, hands on chins, dull gazes, gloom, gloom, gloom.
When will we catch a break?

Ah, depthless me, stuck in selfish machinations, paltry, petty, idle fancy, happy plants forgotten, the sweet smell of the aftermath too distant, can’t see past the driblet on my own nose.
What would the birds say, the bees hum or fairies whisper if they saw pitiful me, cocooned inside dry walls with such a drenched attitude?

Drip drap, pit pat.
Enough already.
Can’t the gods drizzle somewhere else?
Unleash a deluge, open the floodgates, part the seas and fill them again, something.
This slow sopping and soaking saturates us with sullen sadness, a glum, morose, dismal dump of a feeling.
I’m all washed out.

How about this?
I offer you an arrow.
You give me the bow and a pot of gold.

Could it be?
Do I see?
Oh my, dragonfly, I spy blue sky.
Hee-hee, shallow me, out we go.
Time to play.

That’s a View from The Ridge.

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  1. Janet says:
    April 25th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    You got that wrapped up all pretty soundin’, but I share your sullenness!!…… a friend said she was looking forward to summer. I’m hoping for spring! My lawn thinks it’s coming. It almost needs to be mowed already….aaaargh!!

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