Onward and Upward

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A Little Goes a Long Ways…

“Thanks for dragging me to Jazzercize, Suze,” Louise acknowledged. “I
feel so much better afterwards.”
“All those endorphins kick in,” Susie agreed. “I love the natural
“I’m starting to notice a real difference,” Louise smiled. “After only
a week, I’m beginning to feel like myself again.”
“I should hope so, girlfriend,” Susie laughed. “You’ve been a major

The two women hopped in the car and headed for home.
“It’s really hard to see how bad things can get when you’re stuck in
the muck,” Louise began. “I know I didn’t realize the depth of my
“It’s like that for everyone, I think,” Susie said. “We get used to
suffering and think that’s the only way things are. Talk about a
“I remember when Bill had insomnia,” Louise continued. “He wouldn’t
admit to a problem. He blamed everyone and everything outside of

Louise paused.
“It took until he calmed down before he could see that he needed to
take responsibility and that only he could change his situation.”
“And he did change it,” Susie pointed out. “That’s the main point.”

“No piece alone made the difference,” stated Louise. “It took the whole
package, more rest, less stress, better food; the works.”
“That’s what it took you, too, Louise,” Susie noted. “You’re barely
back to normal.”
“Maybe that’s why none of our diets ever stuck, Suze,” Louise mused.
“What do you think?”
“Of course that’s why, Louise,” Susie posited. “We tried everything at
least once—usually more than once. Don’t you remember how many times
we failed?”

“You always had a much better attitude than me, Suze,” Louise
countered. “You never made it seem like a failure.”
“Thanks, Louise.” Susie paused. “I appreciate the thought. It’s just
that despite our best intentions, we never lost the weight for more
than a few weeks at a time before it came back. I’m over it. I want to
feel young again.”

“I guess we’re on our way,” Louise concurred. “I have to confess that
I’m a little jealous of Bill and Sam. They seem to be moving faster
than we are.”
“The buddy program seems to really be working for them,” Susie agreed.
“They hold each other accountable not only to working out, but also to
what they eat.”
“I think they have some kind of major bet going on,” Louise added.
“They sure look great, like they’ve shed ten years.”

“It’s a guy thing,” Susie mumbled. “Very annoying—but we do get some
benefit from it, too.”
“You’re right,” Louise grinned. “Let’s go find a salad.”

That’s A View From The Ridge…

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