New Friends

Posted by admin - 30/05/12 at 11:05 am

Brian bounded around the corner with customary zeal.
I grinned ear to ear when I saw him.
In tow, a woman from Oklahoma named Dusty kept pace, with a bright smile and a lovely energy.
We met, introduced ourselves and started walking toward the restaurant for dinner.

Without hesitation, we fell into lively conversation, throwing ideas and concepts back and forth, sharing thoughts and looking at possibilities.
I asked myself what created the space for such a strong connection between people who barely knew each other.
The answer came quickly.
Common dreams.

As speakers, we all shared the dream of touching the lives of others with our message.
We all worked hard on opening our hearts, paying attention and seeking and searching for value to convey through our words.
In the speaking world, very few isolate or cocoon away from their comrades.
Rather, a keen sense of partnership and union punctuates most encounters.

I pondered this, too.
What happened to the dog eat dog vibe, the race to the top, the ferocious competition that plagues hardcore business?
Why don’t I see that here?

Again, the answer quickly arrived.
Because that would never work.
No one could stand on a stage espousing values of character and integrity, teaching principles of success or methods of overcoming obstacles without having their own material rub off on themselves—at least not for any prolonged period.

What does this tell us?
Do we really walk our talk?
Does our talk guide our actions?

At least to some degree, the answer is a resounding “yes.”
We fragile humans feel too at odds with ourselves to say one thing and do another on a continuous basis.
It haunts us and torments us, gives rise to insidious inner turmoil.
It causes dis-ease.

Therefore, we need pay close attention to whom we spend our time with, what input we receive that shapes our minds and touches our hearts.
If we hang around with shoplifters, we learn how to shoplift.
More damaging than the method, we also create the mindset of a shoplifter, a taking without contributing, false entitlement, loser mentality that carries over into all other activities.
Dangerous and frightening.

Personally, I choose my company carefully.
I want to surround myself with true friends, those that don’t shy away from my dreams and welcome help with their own, those that can celebrate the successes of others and offer encouragement in a down moment.
I want win-win relationships.

I glanced around the table and took in the heated banter, the delightful interchange between folks who had spent hardly more than an hour in each other’s company.
It reminded me of how little time it takes to make new friends.

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  1. Nancy says:
    May 30th, 2012 at 11:59 am

    I really enjoyed this message and will take it to heart. It is something I too have noticed when I have been at conferences. We have all come together for a common purpose and striking up a conversation with other attendees comes so easy and feels so natural.

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