Miles of Millions……

Posted by admin - 09/04/12 at 10:04 am

The boat glided along at only five miles an hour, the mandated speed limit inside the harbor.
The channel rested quietly, only 75 feet wide and a light yet cool breeze gave the air a slight edge, a reminder that winter had barely bid farewell and that at anytime it might reappear for an encore.
I crossed my arms and hunkered down below the windshield seeking shelter.

To the left and right canal after canal branched off, each full of pleasure craft, an occasional sailboat and large fishing vessels.
I marveled at the size of some of them, veritable floating condominiums with several floors, indoor and outdoor dining areas, large decks and bridges high above.  “Who lives here?” I asked myself. “Why did they make this choice?”

Without judgment, I pondered the nature of humans to flock to those of like ilk.  We seem to gravitate to those most similar to us, take comfort in the familiar and want to perpetuate it.
We move to the appropriate neighborhood and find ways to look the part, seldom challenging the status quo, content and settled in a man-made order that becomes so natural that we forget it was created.

I wonder how often we try to step back and see a different scene—what would happen if…
Fill in the blank.
How would I feel if my world suddenly became…
Fill in the blank.

Insularity troubles me, though I understand the instinct to protect one’s own and surround ourselves with non- threatening elements.  Still, sometimes it seems so small, so limited, so same ol’, same ol’.

How can we expand if we rush so quickly back to our cocoons?
Are we satisfied with a view of the universe according to CNN?
When do we hop off the couch and go explore it with our own eyes?  What pieces of our inner life might we expose through rubbing elbows or at least eyelids with those of diverse and even contrary perspectives?

If our belief systems are wound together one tiny wire-like strand at a time, might it not be dangerous to allow the supporting cables to form without first examining multiple perspectives?
What if we wait too long, until the cable thickens to an almost unbreakable strength only to discover that our oh-so-fixed point of view may be defensible, but also causes us much suffering?
Then what?

Most of us would balk at any change, reject the notion in favor of established patterns—choose a known unhappiness over stepping into the dark with all its perceived risks—understandable yet no solution to the plight.

I glanced at my friend piloting the craft.
He sat calmly, pointing out the occasional landmark.
He lived here and truly enjoyed it.

Maybe only I endure this questioning dis-ease.
Maybe I need to re-examine my own take.
What if…
Fill in the blank.

That’s A View From The Ridge…

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