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Posted by admin - 15/01/12 at 09:01 am

Ahhh, the brown, brown smog of home, Mexico City, mi casa away from mi casa.

I turn my wedding band around so as not to show the diamonds, make sure to
look scruffy enough not to attract attention and scoot through the airport
to the waiting taxis, another student/tourist/visiting non-descript.

If only they could see my red suede shoes tucked in my ratty suit bag, the
bright red kerchief to grace the pocket of my custom-tailored dark blue
pin-stripe, matching tie of course—or do I wear the blue suedes instead?
Quien sabe?

The joys of a traveling showman, the need to make the necessary statement
for the message to be heard, sign the autographs, pose for pictures, then
disappear incognito.

I love the heart of my Latin friends, their easy smiles, playful demeanors,
soulful eyes.  I honor the time they ask of me to bring them hope and
belief, to share philosophies that convey that hidden message: Usted, Si
Puede–Yes, You Can!

“Where are we taking you to dinner, Richeli?”
Ahhh, the obligatory breaking of tortillas, with green sauce—my favorite,
chocolate mole over chicken, chorizo and perhaps, yes, a fine tequila—with a
chance to give a tad more…

Then back to the hotel, my friends the bellmen, my customary taxi-driver
that asks endless questions and back into jeans and a faded shirt. I don’t
need a body guard—just a pure intention, a few gray whiskers and an ol’
bomber jacket: “Hasta la vista, baby!”

By Richeli also known as Ridgely Goldsborough

That’s A View From The Ridge…

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