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Pay Attention…

14th November 2012 by admin No Comments

“It’s yellow,” answered the young girl.
“What else?” asked her grandmother.
“Just yellow,” said the girl.
“What about the edges of the petals?” Grandma pressed.
“Oh,” the girl mumbled. “They’re red.”
“That’s right.” Grandma gazed lovingly at the small child. “The petals are both red and yellow.”
The girl smiled, a grin so wide that it caused her eyes to crinkle [...]


Our Curious Ways…

12th October 2012 by admin No Comments

The young woman strolled beside the older man along the edge of the coastal dunes. She had grown up with this man, her mother’s long-time beau, in some ways more her father than her biological Dad. She loved the way he respected her like an equal, always genuinely interested in her thoughts, ideas [...]


Onward and Upward

12th September 2012 by admin No Comments

A Little Goes a Long Ways…
“Thanks for dragging me to Jazzercize, Suze,” Louise acknowledged. “I
feel so much better afterwards.”
“All those endorphins kick in,” Susie agreed. “I love the natural
“I’m starting to notice a real difference,” Louise smiled. “After only
a week, I’m beginning to feel like myself again.”
“I should hope so, girlfriend,” Susie laughed. “You’ve been [...]


One stray tear…

27th August 2012 by admin 2 Comments

The delight lit my face as the couple turned the corner into the hallway where we stood in lively conversation.
I threw my arms open wide, ignored the cell phones plastered to their ears, greeted each of them, first the husband then the wife who followed slightly behind him.
Oblivious, I missed the pained expression on his [...]


Ode to Summer!

24th July 2012 by admin 1 Comment

I love summer.
I love the first sunburned day…
…the opening of the snow-cone stand…
…the asphalt that makes our bare feet dance…
…the Popsicles that melt so fast that they fall off the stick, and we
catch them in our hands rather than waste the last refreshing bite.
I love the noise…
…the kids at home using Daddy as a monkey [...]


Not What the Label Says…

22nd June 2012 by admin No Comments

Sam and Susie met Bill and Louise at their favorite restaurant, a Sunday night ritual that over ten years, had forged a deep friendship.
Sam, the eternal optimist, contrasted greatly with Bill, a die-hard pessimist.
Susie, a risk taker, seemed almost the opposite of Louise, a staunch conservative.
Their dinner dialogues never lacked spice.
“They’ve been lying to us,” [...]


New Friends

30th May 2012 by admin 1 Comment

Brian bounded around the corner with customary zeal.
I grinned ear to ear when I saw him.
In tow, a woman from Oklahoma named Dusty kept pace, with a bright smile and a lovely energy.
We met, introduced ourselves and started walking toward the restaurant for dinner.
Without hesitation, we fell into lively conversation, throwing ideas and concepts back [...]


Miles of Millions……

9th April 2012 by admin No Comments

The boat glided along at only five miles an hour, the mandated speed limit inside the harbor.
The channel rested quietly, only 75 feet wide and a light yet cool breeze gave the air a slight edge, a reminder that winter had barely bid farewell and that at anytime it might reappear for an encore.
I crossed [...]


Running for Love?

3rd March 2012 by admin 3 Comments

“I’m a runner, too,” he blurted out with a sly grin.  “Maybe we should
knock out a few miles sometime,” he added.
“Sure,” she answered. “I’d like that.”
Over the weeks that followed the banter grew, from friendly back and
forth to playful trash talk, amusing commentary about trails of dust
and the back of his disappearing head.
If only he [...]


Mexican Musings…

15th January 2012 by admin No Comments

Ahhh, the brown, brown smog of home, Mexico City, mi casa away from mi casa.
I turn my wedding band around so as not to show the diamonds, make sure to
look scruffy enough not to attract attention and scoot through the airport
to the waiting taxis, another student/tourist/visiting non-descript.
If only they could see my red suede shoes [...]