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Take Your Time…

10th August 2014 by admin No Comments

I watched a young man in a gray suit fidget impatiently on the Hertz Rental Car bus that waited to return us to Miami International Airport.
He turned to his corporately clad partner.
“What is taking so long?” he snapped.
“How should I know?”  snarled suit number two.  “Why don’t you go ask?”
The man bounded out of his [...]


The Shadows Know…

9th July 2014 by admin No Comments

A pale cream hue caressed the jagged rocks of the quarry.
First dawn, when pitch darkness turns to light, a time of awakening, a time to watch the shadows melt.
I stand, next to the cacti and gaze across the ridges.
So many nooks and crannies created by shades of darkness hides creatures large and small, hideaways soon [...]


The More Things Stay the Same

6th June 2014 by admin No Comments

I hopped out of bed at 4 AM, determined to watch the plains wake up,
rode away from El Paso on my metallic steed long before the bacon hit the skillet.
Carlos Santana and I hit a groove as a pale aura crept onto the horizon, a misty haze that came from nowhere yet extended everywhere, a [...]


The Magic of the Night.

6th May 2014 by admin No Comments

A thousand tiny stars blink above me as I cross the boardwalk.
To my right and left wild sea oats dance in the breeze, scratching at the night sky.
I glance down the beach and watch a pale wafer of a moon blink behind a wandering cloud.
3 AM, a time for druids and fairies and magical musings.
Angry [...]


Through a Stork’s Eye

4th April 2014 by admin No Comments

The lanky bird stood at the end of the pier under the spot light, its neck craning back and forth.
It shifted from still to swaying like a snake, slowly, methodically, sweeping the shallow waters directly below.
A moon wafer cast a pale, milky glow across the bay, the lone sentinel above, lurking and watching everything.
What drove [...]


The First Sip…

4th March 2014 by admin No Comments

The woman shuffled toward the kitchen.
She rubbed the bridge of her nose and the bone above her eye socket, the one mostly covered by a manicured eyebrow.
On her way, she shot a bleary glance through the living room window at the weather outside—too early to tell.
Her ritual never varied.
The left arm opened the door to [...]


The Moon

10th February 2014 by admin 1 Comment

Hello, Moon.
There you hang, a thin white sliver that cradles a large dark ball.
Can I stand on your light and gaze below?
I see your shadow, an exposed part of your dark side.
It seems so cold and far away.
Though a million stars lie behind you, not a one sits between us.
What does that mean?
Why do you [...]


The Smile Bearers!

10th December 2013 by admin No Comments

The one they called Longboy perched his hat to the side, smirked, pursed his lips as if to blow a brass trombone, shrugged his shoulders in one short, sharp burst of boredom and spout out:
“Time for a bit of mischief. Yes, indeed—time.”
Pirouette adjusted her chartreuse dress of soft chiffon.
“Shall we take on ride on old [...]


The Bug.

10th November 2013 by admin No Comments

The bug crawled up the window.
The man stared at its progress.
“Odd,” he thought, “how it stops for no apparent reason.”
The bug paused, stretched its feelers left and right, continued.
“What’s it searching for?” pondered the man.
He sat, in a hotel room chair, absorbed.
Step, step, step, halt.
Touch, explore, continue.
Trek, trek, trek, enough.
Reach out, absorb, move on.
The bug [...]


The Art of Receiving.

22nd October 2013 by admin No Comments

“It’s sooooo hard!” Sabrena exclaimed to her best friend. “Almost as hard as asking.”
”Caw, no!” Sam retorted. They laughed. “Not that bad,” Sam added.
“I feel like such a heel sometimes,” Sabrena continued. “Where do you think it comes from?”
“I don’t know, girl, I truly don’t—though I guess it dates back to childhood.” Sam paused. “All [...]