Chapters One Through Four

Pictures Say a Thousand Words

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Did you ever read the words "…this is a true story…" and wonder just how "true" it really was? I know I have and since making statements is all too easy, yet pictures say a thousand words, I thought I’d show you a few photos from where The Great Ones story takes place—along with [...]


Chapters One through Four

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Torredembarra, Spain, 1964—

The Boy heard the scuffle from his bedroom at the end of the upstairs hallway.

His mother and father screamed at each other, not surprising to him as it happened almost daily, though the routine of it seldom masked the pain that tore at his heart.

As usual, he burrowed his small body into the covers and buried his head beneath his pillow, as far into the recesses as he could hide.
Underneath the anger and the angst lurked that other familiar feeling—fear.

"Will he come for me next?" he thought to himself.

Quietly, he began to hum.