From the Ashes.

1st November 2009 by admin No Comments

The man plopped down on his chair, defeated.
His father’s maxims bit his ears and nagged him like tired Christmas jingles.
“No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. No risk no reward. Gotta’ pay to play. You never know until you try.”
On and on.
He sat, dazed, in a semi-trance, half-comatose, half numb, with tinges of remorse and disappointment punctuated by [...]


Doom or Gloom

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High gray clouds drift across the sky, dark and menacing, pregnant with the impending flood.
The tide rips and turns, a dangerous undertow covered by a deceptive friendly froth.
Out on the sea, weaving its way through the Caribbean islands lurks the monster, sucking strength from the depths, building her roar.
Which way will she turn?
Where will she [...]


Joe’s secret.

15th January 2009 by Richeli No Comments

As always, Joe made himself busy around the set.
He arrived with the crew and helped in any way he could, ferrying gear, holding doors open, guarding coveted parking spaces.
When catering showed up, he pitched in to arrange the breakfast buffet.
No other actors appeared before their call times.
Only Joe.
The grips, light and sound folk, assistant directors [...]


Crown your life with meaning.

15th December 2008 by Richeli No Comments

A recent study of a group of people over the age of 100 queried the participants as to what they might do differently if they had their lives to live over again.
Amidst a number of varied answers, three emerged as common to most, and certainly unveil a universal perspective:
Number one: I would risk more.
Number two: [...]


Always Greener

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“ That’s because Johnny’s a TFB,” Ted said to his new friend James. The two met the week before and became instant buddies.
“ Huh? A what?” James seemed confused.
“ A TFB—a trust fund baby. His grandfather invented some drill bit for offshore oil exploration that just about every company uses.” Ted paused. ”They made a [...]