The Coffee Shop

15th September 2014 by admin No Comments

“Good morning,” Sarah said with a smile.
“Hi, Sarah. Hi, Anne,” I responded.
The 6:45 AM regulars, my coffee friends—a funny sort of kindred spirit.
What moves so many of us to select a particular spot, decide to make that “our place,” and flock there each morning with habitual zeal?
Why don’t we spend five minutes before bed setting [...]


The Moon

10th February 2014 by admin 1 Comment

Hello, Moon.
There you hang, a thin white sliver that cradles a large dark ball.
Can I stand on your light and gaze below?
I see your shadow, an exposed part of your dark side.
It seems so cold and far away.
Though a million stars lie behind you, not a one sits between us.
What does that mean?
Why do you [...]


The Art of Receiving.

22nd October 2013 by admin No Comments

“It’s sooooo hard!” Sabrena exclaimed to her best friend. “Almost as hard as asking.”
”Caw, no!” Sam retorted. They laughed. “Not that bad,” Sam added.
“I feel like such a heel sometimes,” Sabrena continued. “Where do you think it comes from?”
“I don’t know, girl, I truly don’t—though I guess it dates back to childhood.” Sam paused. “All [...]


Playin’ Hooky!

23rd March 2013 by admin No Comments

The dreaded alarm blares its ugly cry.
A quick tilt of the head reveals that, yes, that horrid time has arrived—6:20 A.M.
If only I could snag a couple more hours, catch a few more Zs, pretend just this once that today, I don’t need to abandon this soft, snuggly blanket, that I can lounge like a [...]


Simple Rules

23rd January 2013 by admin No Comments

After much suffering and tomfoolery, I came to a basic understanding of how I choose to live my life.  I abide by three simple rules:
1)    Do the right things.
2)    Stay the course.
3)    Never compromise integrity.
Of course, proclaiming and “doing” leave much room for error.
Often, I don’t recognize the “right thing.”
Daily existence finds expression in messy [...]


Our Curious Ways…

12th October 2012 by admin No Comments

The young woman strolled beside the older man along the edge of the coastal dunes. She had grown up with this man, her mother’s long-time beau, in some ways more her father than her biological Dad. She loved the way he respected her like an equal, always genuinely interested in her thoughts, ideas [...]


Make Mistakes Count!

1st October 2011 by admin No Comments

A while back, one of my brothers made an error at work, which cost a client a bunch of money.
They leveled accusations, pointed fingers, ranted and raved, filed a lawsuit and after a failed attempt to settle the dispute, ended up in court—a typical insurance company battle.
Oh well, stuff happens.
On the one hand, I take [...]


Just Show Up…

1st May 2011 by admin 2 Comments

Just show up.
Some days I wake up plain dog-tired.
I lack the customary zest and zeal that characterizes most mornings, for no apparent cause or reason.
If I had my druthers, I’d like nothing better than to roll back over and cozy up to my favorite pillow.
Instead, I drag the ol’ carcass into the kitchen to hunt [...]


Island Sweetness….

2nd January 2011 by admin 1 Comment

The sun cast a sweeping glint over the crests of quiet morning waves.  It was 6 A.M. in Montego Bay.  Caribbean waters lapped the beach with rhythmic gentility.  “Flap, woosh. Flap, woosh.”
Armed with snorkels and masks, we took to the water.  Laird liked to wear fins.  I chose to swim without them, part of my [...]


Hidden Greatness

1st June 2010 by admin No Comments

He dragged his left foot behind him as if weighted down by an iron shoe.  The old man shuffled down the aisle.
In his arms, he carried a clipboard full of papers.  He approached the podium, set down his materials, paused, reached inside the pocket of his jacket and pulled out [...]