Miles of Millions……

9th April 2012 by admin No Comments

The boat glided along at only five miles an hour, the mandated speed limit inside the harbor.
The channel rested quietly, only 75 feet wide and a light yet cool breeze gave the air a slight edge, a reminder that winter had barely bid farewell and that at anytime it might reappear for an encore.
I crossed [...]


Mexican Musings…

15th January 2012 by admin No Comments

Ahhh, the brown, brown smog of home, Mexico City, mi casa away from mi casa.
I turn my wedding band around so as not to show the diamonds, make sure to
look scruffy enough not to attract attention and scoot through the airport
to the waiting taxis, another student/tourist/visiting non-descript.
If only they could see my red suede shoes [...]


Manifest Away

1st November 2011 by admin 2 Comments

The sun crept over the horizon and lodged itself above the coastline,
bathing the beach in a comfortable, morning glow.
Solitary clouds dotted the backdrop, lazy lollygaggers moseying across the
sky, unhurried, white-haired philosophers gazing down at the busy-ness
I raced a pair of dragonflies down the road, glanced at the workers
finishing the roof of another million-dollar home, noticed [...]


Lend a Hand…

1st July 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Captain Linus took the first and only wave in stride.
It crashed over the bow and drenched him to the bone as we cut through the
He held fast to the black handle that we use to carry the kayak and said

Beyond the surf, the sea squatted on the sand below, rhythmically rocking
back and forth, still [...]


Killer Openings….

1st June 2011 by admin 2 Comments

As I travel around the country, I invariably get into conversations about speaking.
“I’d like to talk to you about how to become a speaker,” begins the conversation.
Most of these dialogues come from sincere, well-intentioned folk with wonderful dreams.
“What do I have to do to be a great speaker?” they ask.
I have a standard answer.
“About 500 [...]


Jerry’s Yo-yo

1st February 2011 by admin No Comments

The blaring sound leapt under Jerry’s skin and strangled him awake in an instant.
His eyes popped open in terror and for a darkened moment he forgot where he was.
“Oh, Jeeze,” he exclaimed in sudden realization—“the freekin’ alarm.”
He slammed his wrist on the snooze button and flopped back on the bed.
Nine minutes later the blare cried [...]


I Love Free Day…

1st September 2010 by admin No Comments

Sam and Susie huddled over morning coffee at their kitchen table.
“I’ve been doing some research,” Susie said.
“Research on what, Suze?” he answered.
“Research on the whole food and diet thing. Even after all we’ve learned in the past week, something didn’t sit right with me.”
“Really?” Sam smiled at her. “Did you figure out what [...]


He said, She said

1st April 2010 by admin 5 Comments


Happines Fleeting

15th February 2010 by admin 1 Comment

“You cannot capture happiness no matter how hard you may chase after it.  Happiness is something that follows you.”The words of the old sage echoed in the young man’s heart, sounding a constant beat like the song that plays over and over without reprieve.
“What does that mean?” he asked himself. “Time to walk,” he continued, [...]


Go Back to School.

1st December 2009 by admin 1 Comment

The girl spun on her toe for the last time, stopped, flexed and took a bow
as the audience burst into applause.
She smiled, curtsied and ran offstage into the waiting arms of her
“That was sooo fun.” they cooed and squealed.
Outside, a bevy of family and friends showered her with kisses and
“A perfect performance,” her mother praised. [...]