Slow down and smile…

23rd February 2013 by admin 1 Comment

Camille, Linus and I met baby Lindsey in the pool on a summer afternoon.
She frolicked and splashed about in her floating seahorse in the shallow end.
I could tell from the almond shape and slight redness around her eyes that Lindsey suffered from Down’s Syndrome, a difficult condition fraught with ongoing physical challenges.
Lindsey had already endured [...]


Simple Rules

23rd January 2013 by admin No Comments

After much suffering and tomfoolery, I came to a basic understanding of how I choose to live my life.  I abide by three simple rules:
1)    Do the right things.
2)    Stay the course.
3)    Never compromise integrity.
Of course, proclaiming and “doing” leave much room for error.
Often, I don’t recognize the “right thing.”
Daily existence finds expression in messy [...]


A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree….

11th December 2012 by admin No Comments

Imagine life as a tiny pine.
Your filament roots push tenderly into the soil. You ease out of your core, seek the moisture and nutrients needed to survive, on instinct, like the baby seeks the mother’s breast.   Slowly, gingerly, despite the rocks, worms and other varmints, you take hold. The trunk forms. The stock strengthens. You [...]


Pay Attention…

14th November 2012 by admin No Comments

“It’s yellow,” answered the young girl.
“What else?” asked her grandmother.
“Just yellow,” said the girl.
“What about the edges of the petals?” Grandma pressed.
“Oh,” the girl mumbled. “They’re red.”
“That’s right.” Grandma gazed lovingly at the small child. “The petals are both red and yellow.”
The girl smiled, a grin so wide that it caused her eyes to crinkle [...]


One stray tear…

27th August 2012 by admin 2 Comments

The delight lit my face as the couple turned the corner into the hallway where we stood in lively conversation.
I threw my arms open wide, ignored the cell phones plastered to their ears, greeted each of them, first the husband then the wife who followed slightly behind him.
Oblivious, I missed the pained expression on his [...]


Ode to Summer!

24th July 2012 by admin 1 Comment

I love summer.
I love the first sunburned day…
…the opening of the snow-cone stand…
…the asphalt that makes our bare feet dance…
…the Popsicles that melt so fast that they fall off the stick, and we
catch them in our hands rather than waste the last refreshing bite.
I love the noise…
…the kids at home using Daddy as a monkey [...]


Running for Love?

3rd March 2012 by admin 3 Comments

“I’m a runner, too,” he blurted out with a sly grin.  “Maybe we should
knock out a few miles sometime,” he added.
“Sure,” she answered. “I’d like that.”
Over the weeks that followed the banter grew, from friendly back and
forth to playful trash talk, amusing commentary about trails of dust
and the back of his disappearing head.
If only he [...]


Melting Snow

9th December 2011 by admin 2 Comments

I love the sounds of melting snow—plink, plink, ting, ting, ting, a staccato drip on sloped metal roofs, the occasional loud crack of a giant icicle, the bubble and gurgle of the mountain brook as it swells and tumbles over polished rocks on its way to the valley below.
I love to gaze at the majestic [...]


Learn Respect

1st September 2011 by admin 2 Comments

The crowd cheered as the young man walked across the stage to claim his
award as the company’s top producer.
He accepted the microphone, looked over the audience and faltered, an
obvious, pregnant pause that brought a hush to the room.
I watched him confront his fear, wrestle with the doubt that invariably
creeps in.
It took him a moment to [...]


Little Mouse

1st August 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Where are you going, little mouse?
I step into the bathroom and spy a tiny friend.
His eyes perched on the side of his head told me that he or she feels afraid, caught in an unfamiliar element.
Briefly startled, I sense a smile growing—a kindred spirit to the energy behind the spooked eyes.
I freeze, unwilling to let [...]