Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Posted by admin - 02/12/09 at 01:12 pm

Did you ever read the words "…this is a true story…" and wonder just how "true" it really was? I know I have and since making statements is all too easy, yet pictures say a thousand words, I thought I’d show you a few photos from where The Great Ones story takes place—along with a couple of juicy insights!!! Enjoy!!!

  • AltafullaHere’s the town of Altafulla—when I was a child, that arch had a wall attached to it and was the only way in from the North, dating back to Roman times.

  • Ayuntamiento

    Here’s the mayor’s office, the Ayuntamiento. The square in front is where we played marbles.

  • Cross on the Hill

    Here’s the famous cross on the hill, where the Boy sits with the fresh picked asparagus—remember?

  • The Church

    Here’s the church where the priests gave out mint candies after mass (the "menta" from the story?)

  • the Monastery

    Here’s the monastery that my mother sent me to where I was raised by the monks (the door you can see is the one where the priest would come out and ring the bell—giving the Boy 60 seconds to make it back into school or face a beating):

  • Massive Building

    Here’s a broader shot of the whole, massive building—pretty amazing to think that I went to school in that monstrosity.

  • The Rocks

    And finally—here are the rocks where the Boy sought refuge and the situs of the story’s final climax.

I’ll have a lot more for you when we release the product—a full pictorial tour—even the statue of Saint Agustin where we kneeled on the stone as the bats hovered around our heads (no, they don’t do that anymore, by the way—health department cleaned that up, even in Spain!!!)

More later…Ridgely

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  1. Freda Chaney says:
    December 31st, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    Dear Ridgely,

    These photos helped bring the story of The Great Ones (book) home for me! Yes, it is so true that a picture is worth a thousand words! The monastery, the sea, the town of Altafulla inspire truth, hope, and a sense of indestructable future that seems carved into the buldings, streets, and seashore stones. Thank you for sharing The Great Ones with us! We are evolving into Great Ones ourselves with your mentorship along the way! Big blessings, Freda

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