The Artist Within.

Posted by admin - 01/08/10 at 05:08 pm

I am an artist.
Each day I face the artist’s plight.
Will the magic flow?
Will the well still run deep?

At times, I step into the limelight and speak to many people.
I dance with the audience, listen to their unspoken words, and share messages from the heart.
I love my work.
I love the contribution.
I love to touch the lives of others.

Then I come home to the still and the quiet.
I put my fingers on the keyboard and search.
Sometimes the words cascade like a waterfall.
Other times they trickle out in stubborn spurts.
If I sit long enough, I know that something will come.
I wait, often impatiently, occasionally frustrated, always a tad anxious.

In the kitchen, I am an artist.
I blend spices and oils, sauté wild concoctions, mix and bake and broil.
I array patterns and colors on odd shaped plates, build mountains of greens topped with myriad veggies or fish or chicken or who knows what lurks in the fridge.

In my closet, I am an artist.
I pick outfits that match and others that don’t—often on purpose.
I pull together “looks” and ask myself how they make me feel.

With my body, I am an artist.
I sculpt it.
I stretch it.
I work to keep it young.
Out in the world, I am an artist.
I try with each interaction to bring a smile, to find the right expression that lifts the spirit of each person I encounter.
I find ways to say special things, different things, adventurous things that cause laughter and a lightness of being.

On the beach, my favorite place, I am an artist.
I walk and I seek.
I talk to the waves.
I dig deep within for meaning and keep searching until something comes.
I wrestle with it.
I toy with it.
I turn it upside down.
More often than not it morphs and transforms a hundred or a thousand times before taking true shape.
I wait and allow the process to unfold.

In all that I do, I am an artist, always creating.
And so are you.
Please, for all of us, let yourself shine.

That’s A View From The Ridge…

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  1. Marcia K says:
    August 6th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    What a lovely way to re-frame life. I’m inspired.

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