About Ridgely

Author and international speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, known in the hispanic market as Richeli, has spent the last 25 years as an expert in personal growth and development. Much like Napoleon Hill did in the early part of the last century, Ridgely has interviewed titans of business and industry in person, for his television show and on the radio. Based on the principles learned from these interviews and his own personal journey, Ridgely continues to write books and create audio and video programs to help us all on our journey to success.

In Business

Ridgely started his first enterprise at the age of 16. In the past three decades, he has created 36 companies, with 400 employees in 35 countries.

Ridgely founded, as the publisher, Network Marketing Lifestyles, the first ever four-color glossy magazine distributed on the newsstands for the industry of direct sales and multilevel marketing, in addition to three other magazines.

Ridgely continues to develop various businesses in a diverse array of industries, with a passion for personal growth, particularly in the Latin market.

As a Writer

Ridgely has written sixteen books, including The Great Ones, The Power of Belief, Masters of Success, Skinny, Happy and Rich and many others.

Ridgely shares his columns and inspirational articles, in English and Spanish, on over 30,000 websites.

Ridgely has created over 60 audio programs on personal and professional development.

As a Speaker

• In the last twenty years, Ridgely has given thousands of presentations on motivation, personal and professional development and business education, on five continents, in both English and Spanish.  For information on his speaking topics, please visit www.RidgelyG.com.

Ridgely has conducted well over 100 interviews with titans of industry on the themes of success, prosperity and wealth accumulation.

Radio and Television

Ridgely has created 50+ inspirational and educational programs entitled A View From The Ridge that played on the radio across the Midwestern United States.

Ridgely created his own television program, Modest To Millions based on interviews of successful business men and women who shared their keys to prosperity and wealth.

In Summary

If you are looking for a first class speaker with years of experience in both the English and Spanish markets, who entertains, motivates and educates all at the same time—and who is one of the world’s premiere experts in personal growth, prosperity and wealth accumulation, contact us today to book Ridgely for your next event!  Also check his “no nonsense” speaker website - RidgelyG.com for more information.

For additional information, promotional materials and fee structures please send us an email at Info@AViewfromtheRidge.com.

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Ridgely lives in Pensacola, Florida, with his wife Kathy.